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Tuxedo Rentals

Dan's is now the place to go to rent the name brand Tuxedo at an affordable price. Are you tired of the myth that you have to pay HUNDREDS of dollars to rent a tux nowadays, well that is simply not true. Dan’s rentals start at $100 per Tuxedo rental. Come down to Dan’s for your name brand Tuxedoes and Dan will personally take care of you. 

As you ponder which Tuxedo to select, consider the following points to help determine your formalwear needs. Your decision will be based on the formality of the event, whether you prefer traditional styles or contemporary trends, and most importantly your personal taste:

Time of Year

Spring, Summer - white, ivory and other light colors are appropriate. Black and grey are always a great choice.

Fall, Winter - darker greys and black are more appropriate.

Time of Ceremony

Formality of the bride and bridesmaids - If your bride is choosing a traditional, formal gown, the tuxedos should compliment this choice. Consider the ultra formal looks outlined in the Traditional Approach section. If her gown and those of the bridesmaids are on the informal side, the choices are more relaxed for the tuxedos.

Traditional Approach

Yes, there are respected traditions to follow in the selection of men’s formalwear. Your individual choices should be based on the time of your ceremony, the season and the need for formality.


This look creates the most formal wedding you can plan. It centers around the Black Full Dress Tailcoat with a white vest and tie for the groom and his wedding party (fathers included). At your option, the guests can be outfitted in a similar full dress look or slightly less formal tuxedo. Gloves, top hats and canes are often used.


The groom can choose from a black tuxedo year-round or a white dinner jacket for warmer weather. Both can utilize complimentary accessories. The men in the wedding party dress the same as the groom, perhaps with different accessories or a boutonniere. “Black Tie Invited” is recommended for the guests.


With a daytime wedding the groom chooses a traditional tuxedo with matching trousers. The groomsmen, ushers and fathers are dressed identically to the groom, perhaps with different accessories to separate them from the groom.