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Embroidered Apparel

Dan’s is now proud to offer your Company a FREE Custom Apparel WebSite!  Your entire team can now shop and browse for apparel straight from their desk or mobile device at no additional costs.  This makes your ordering process easier as we do all of the work for you.    

Our apparel services, including embroidery, screen print, heat seal and direct to garment digitization are done with precision and quality care.  

Branded apparel for your customers and employees is a great marketing strategy in today’s competitive market. We offer many top of the line brands such as Nike, Adidas, Ogio and Calvin Klein in a variety of items like shirts, coats, hats and bags. 

What sets us apart from our competitors? Local Production, Wholesale Prices & Extraordinary Customer Service! 

For more information please contact Jeremy Assal by sending an e-mail to: jeremy@DanDanTheTailorMan.com  or call (913) 626-1964 

You can also check the catalogs below:

Catalog #1 Catalog #2 Catalog #3

 Includes brands like:

Adidas, Izod, Calvin Klein, Bella

 Includes brands like:

North End, Extreme

 Includes brands like:

Nike, Ogio, Port Authority